New Israeli Government Initiative Could Impact Relationship Between Young Jews, Israel

Misha Galperin, president and CEO of Jewish Agency International Development, would not confirm any details and denied that any allocation had been made, but he told the JT that the prime minister has had a long-standing interest in increasing the connection between young Jews in the Diaspora and the State of Israel. He cited the prime minister’s initial investment in Taglit Birthright Israel more than a decade ago as an example. Since then, said Galperin, there have been other investments, too.

“The Jewish Agency, as the link between Jewish communities and the Jewish state, is engaged in ongoing conversations with the government of Israel and its partners in the Diaspora on how to address this and other issues relevant to the Israel-Diaspora connection,” Galperin said. “There have been conversations on the subject. Those conversations are ongoing, and no decisions have been made; there are no announcements that are ready for publication.”

Michal Frank, deputy director general of the prime minister’s office, is the point person in Israel at this time. She was unable to be reached on short notice, but the JT will provide updates as they become available on our new website,

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