Boxer, Not Schayes: Are You Serious?

Why was there no coverage in last week’s JT of the death of Dolph Schayes, the greatest Jewish basketball player ever? Meanwhile, The Seen devoted extensive space to an athlete on a comeback trail in a dying sport, boxing? Why?

To be sure, Schayes has no local ties (although the cantor of Chizuk Amuno Congregation does have a photo of himself with Schayes); but then, that is also true of the boxer. So, why is the latter of interest? Perhaps because he is affiliated with Chabad, as is the editor-in-chief of this periodical?

As to the boxer’s comment (he’ s also a rabbi no less!) that “boxing is a very spiritual sport”: ridiculous. There is nothing spiritual about getting into a ring intending to beat an opponent’s brains out for recreational pleasure, if not profit. Nothing could be more anti-spiritual and un-rabbinic.

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