Supermodel And Day Schooler At The Prom

Jewish day school student Jake Davidson lost one supermodel prom date and gained another. Davidson, a senior at Milken Community High in Bel Air, Calif., had asked Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Kate Upton to be his prom date via a YouTube video in March that went viral and ultimately landed him on “The Today Show.” Upton called the show to say she’d love to go but would have to check her calendar. Alas, in the end, she was tied up in New York filming “The Other Women,” a comedy also starring Cameron Diaz, Nicki Minaj and Leslie Mann.

But at the May 22 prom, there was Davidson with a pretty decent runner-up: Danish-born SI model Nina Agdal, who reached out to Davidson after learning of his Upton disappointment, Jake’s mom told The San Bernardino Sun.

Sounds like Agdal doesn’t regret her decision. “Had such a great prom night. Thank you jakedavidson23 for being an awesome date!” she tweeted after the dance.

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