Where’s Helpfor Joel Bernstein?

Your Aug. 22 article about Mike Gimbel (“New Lease on Life”) was very interesting, although I have known about him for a long time.

In the article, Allie Freedman also wrote about Joel Bernstein, who in 1991, while doing his job at Sinai Hospital, “got stuck with Hepatitis  C” with a needle.

The article infers that he has had a liver transplant but that he has no insurance and can’t work. I assume that Sinai paid for his liver transplant and operation.

So now he can’t afford the $1,000 per pill that could save his life. Can’t Sinai help him in some way? After all, he contracted the disease while working at Sinai.

Mike Gimbel has been cured. The question is: How can Joel Bernstein get the $1,000 pills that will let him live a normal life?

Oscar Schabb

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