Proud of BZD’s Efforts

Israel has been incurring the wrath of an inordinate amount of detractors for protecting and defending herself and her citizens in the face of neighbors who act on plans for her eradication. We at the Baltimore Zionist District recently introduced our community to a unique resource created to counter this sentiment — the Bomb Shelter Museum.

The Baltimore Jewish Times’ Aug.7 article “15 Seconds to Safety” underscored the extent to which Israel ensures that her citizens, all citizens, are protected from hostilities and related tensions. BZD used the Shelter Museum to amplify the message that Israel provides protection for her citizens and, in turn, for Jews throughout the world.  The Iron Dome system is another method employed to ensure the peoples’ safety as was the recent necessary but painful ground offensive in Gaza. But equally important is the defense system that is provided by our actions and voices around the world.

BZD is proud that our Teen Trip Experience participants, as reported in “Witness to Conflict” (July 17), did not run home early. Along with their parents, they expressed steadfast support for Israel and faith in her ability to assure their safety.

Baltimore is a community of many supporters of Israel — some through prayer, some through travel, some through social media, some through charity and some through action and voice as evidenced by the robust crowd that BZD attracted as a co-sponsor of  the July 30 Israel Rally at Penn Station.

As anti-Semitism, thinly veiled as anti-Israel or anti-Zionism, bubbles up in more and more situations, we must all continue to act and speak in support of Israel and proudly express, for all to hear and know, that an attack, any attack, on Israel is an attack on every Jew around the world.

Leora Pushett
President, Baltimore Zionist District

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