U.S. Must Acknowledge Truth about Gross’ Mission

Thank you for your concern about Alan Gross (“A Call for Help,” Aug. 15). However the editorial is 100 percent wrong:

Publicly, the government is saying the right things. For example, National Security Council spokesman Patrick Ventrell said last week that “we use every appropriate diplomatic channel to press for Mr. Gross’ release, both publicly and privately.”

Pressure has been the disingenuous line from Washington from the beginning. It avoids the U.S. government taking responsibility for sending Gross to undertake an illegal project to bring about regime change. Thus, the White House refuses to use the one diplomatic channel that will achieve his freedom.

The U.S. government must acknowledge the truth about Gross’ mission on behalf of a dead-end policy and sit down with the Cuban government for serious bilateral discussions.

John McAuliff
Executive Director
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
New York City

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