Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match

080814_mishmash-bookBy Amy Webb
Dulton Adult 2013, 304 pages

In the age of online dating, this book takes a new look at an issue that millions of daters generally leave up to fate. Sick and tired of hearing things like “ true love will find you”  and “ stop being so picky,”  digital strategist and author Amy Webb takes matters into her own hands. This memoir tracks her data-filled journey, as she works to prove the fallibilities — and possibilities — of online dating algorithms. While this book is not a typical how-to dating manual, Webb provides groundbreaking ideas and insight into how to find your perfect match.

One drunken night, after her latest disappointment (and a thorough amount of grief from her Jewish mother and sister), 30-something Webb sits down and creates a painstakingly detailed wish list. Though this detailed “ pickiness”  is antithetical to all of the dating advice she has received, the clearly defined parameters are actually her first step in gaming the system.

Utilizing the same mathematical formulas that work for her in her professional life, Webb begins to slowly crack the code of making matches.

This book is not for mathematicians but for realists. Anyone who has been through the arduous process of searching fora mate will breathe a sigh of relief to see a method in the madness. The analytical but humanly told memoir follows Webb through some intense and often humorous data-crunching sessions.

Yes, there are algorithms and bell curves involved, but this book still manages to be extremely user-friendly and readable.

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