For Israel, IDF, BT Answers the Call

As fellow alumni of Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School and veterans of the Israel Defense Forces, we want to thank Jordan Low for his exemplary service to Israel and wish him a full and speedy recovery from his injuries (“Ground Incursion Hits Home,” July 25).

Since its inception, Beth Tfiloh has represented a beacon of high-quality academic education and intellectual stimulation that has become a cornerstone for the Baltimore Jewish community. BT not only prepares students for the rigors of advanced education but also equips them with an essential value system to succeed outside the classroom.

As proof, BT boasts an impressive list of colleges and universities into whose ranks its graduates have matriculated as well as an equally remarkable number of alumni who have decided to risk life and limb to literally defend our values and fight for freedom, whether serving in the American military or the Israeli army. Jordan is but another example of the greatness that continues to come out of the hallways of Beth Tfiloh, and we are all honored to have him as a fellow alumnus.

Elie Berman
(BT 2004, Kfir Brigade)

Yoni Rose
(BT 2004, Nahal Brigade)

Alex Simone
(BT 2006, Paratroopers)

Zach Alter
(BT 2006, Kishrei Chutz)

Traci Siegel
(BT 2007, Air Force)

Ephraim Shapiro
(BT 2008, Unspecified)

Ari Benjamin
(BT 2009, Golani Brigade)

Eitan Fisch
(BT 2009, Armored Corps)

Josh Rosen
(BT 2009, Nahal Brigade)

Aaron Edelman
(BT 2010, Golani Brigade)

Binny Goldman
(BT 2010, Paratroopers)

Josh August
(BT 2012, Golani Brigade)

Yossi Kutler
(BT 2012, Golani Brigade)

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