Volunteer Opportunity: Support IDF Bases

Thank you for your editorial on what we can do to help Israel (“Support for Our Beleaguered Israeli Family,” July 18).

Another way is to volunteer on an Israel Army base. Volunteers for Israel is the exclusive representative for Sar-El in the U.S. We place volunteers on IDF bases for two to three weeks (some one-week programs are available ) to do civilian work such as packing medical supplies, repairing machinery and equipment, building fortifications and cleaning, painting and maintaining IDF bases. Volunteers work alongside Israeli soldiers, live in barracks on base, wear IDF work uniforms and enjoy three kosher meals a day.

Right now, bases are full of summer volunteers, but later in the summer and fall, much work will need to be done to resupply bases from the current IDF operation. Don’t just help with your checkbook — help Israel with your hands.

For more information, go to vfi-usa.org.

Larry Feldman
Volunteers for Israel

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