The Associated Names Neumann, Baum


Mark Neumann (left) and Charles Baum

The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore has named Mark D. Neumann as its chair of the board. Neumann, who began his two-year term on July 1, will be involved with planning and budgeting, funding and leadership development. The Associated provides the fundraising and infrastructure for many agencies and programs serving the overall Baltimore Jewish community.

In addition, the Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore, the asset holding company of The Associated, has named Charles C. Baum as its new president.

The AJC is title holder for an extensive portfolio of real estate in Baltimore and serves as sole trustee of the Jewish Community Investment Fund, a comingled investment vehicle for the endowment assets of The Associated and its agencies as well as the assets of other Jewish not-for-profits.

Neumann, who is chairman of 510 Ventures, LLC, a privately owned investment holding company, has previously served as chair of The Associated’s community planning and allocations committee and as annual campaign chair.

Baum, who will also serve a two-year term that began July 1, is president of United Holdings Co., Inc., a firm that invests in real estate and securities.

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