Don’t Say Cease-Fire

Don’t Say Cease-Fire
Why all the talk about a cease-fire with Hamas (“A Loss of Credibility,” July 18)? Hamas is a terrorist organization bent on genocide, and dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Diplomatic efforts to arrange a cease-fire give Hamas undue political legitimacy, and merely postpone the inevitable resumption of rocket attacks against Israel.

The primary obligation of the government of Israel is to protect the lives of its citizens. To fulfill this obligation in a morally responsible manner, Israel must insist upon the unconditional surrender of Hamas’ entire missile arsenal and destruction of its vast system of attack tunnels before any consideration is given to a cease-fire. The international community can be helpful in this regard by providing inspectors to ensure complete elimination of Hamas’ terror infrastructure. There is obvious precedent for this type of international involvement: the recent agreement providing for the removal and elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

The earliest recorded instance of a people devoted to terror (the Amalekites) is found in Scripture. With regard to misplaced mercy for a people prone to terror, our sages teach us, “He who is merciful to the cruel will eventually be cruel to the merciful.” So, too, will Israel fail in its mission of protecting its citizenry if it settles for a meaningless cease-fire with Hamas.

Marc L. Caroff
President, Louis D. Brandeis Chapter
Zionist Organization of America
Silver Spring, Md.

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