FIDF Helps Soliders

As expressed by your many poignant articles and cover story (“Witnesses to Conflict,” July 18), there are many means that our community can and has generously responded to the crisis in Israel.

One profound way is exclusively focused on the welfare and well-being of the courageous men and women of the IDF. To date, hundreds of individuals have generously contributed online and by mail to the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Rapid Response Fund. Funds raised are currently being used for care packages to combat soldiers to provide for basic hygiene and personal relief.

In addition to their essential physical needs, the FIDF is collecting letters, cards and pictures from area youngsters for delivery to the soldiers to lift their spirits by expressing their support and solidarity.

To make a donation or to volunteer for these efforts, please go to or contact us directly.

Joshua Mauer
President, FIDF Baltimore Chapter

Ronald Eisenberg
Chairman of the Board, FIDF Baltimore Chapter

William Z. Fox
Regional President, Midatlantic FIDF

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