Real Terror for Israeli Families

I agree full heartedly with your July 18 editorial, “Support for Our Beleaguered Israel Family.”

Imagine yourself in Baltimore trying to calm your young child, explaining that there are no ‘monsters’ under the bed.

Then, imagine yourself as a mother or father in Israel who is in true danger of actually having real monsters under their bed entering through real tunnels with tranquilizers and restraints, not to mention grenades and machine guns ready to murder you or kidnap you and your family. How would you feel?

You hear mothers on Israeli radio tearfully saying that they don’t dare sleep through the night for fear of just that happening. Terrorists were already caught coming out of such tunnels that they have dug right under Israeli towns, ready to do terrible harm to innocent civilians.

Add to that the frequent warning sirens that a missile is heading toward you, and whether you are in a car or in the street, having to run for cover. This is the reality of the innocent Israeli citizen. It was forced on them by people who do not value life, whether Israelis or even their own people. While the Israeli army is warning people to get out of buildings before they are hit, Hamas is preventing some people from leaving those buildings.

Why do you think they hide their ammunition under innocent civilians’ homes, hospitals, mosques and schools? Because they, more than the rest of the world, know that the Israeli army is humane and will refrain from hurting innocent people as much as it can. Sometimes it is impossible, because when it comes to harming their own people or the other side, they have to choose their own. The Israeli people rely on and trust their government and their army to protect them even at the great cost of their lives. The whole country mourns the fallen victims, while the other side uses their people as propaganda.

Ada Grodzinsky

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