Work for Jewish Unity

In light of a letter to the editor (“Your Say…,” July 4), rather than argue each point, I would like to make some observations.

All of the Chabad rabbis I have encountered express a love of their fellow Jew. I do not detect a judgmental attitude, but rather have heard, for example from Rabbi Labkowski in Frederick, “Here at Chabad, we’re all Jews, no labels.” I see Chabad emissaries selflessly devoting their lives to serving the Jewish people. I see a Chabad website that talks about praying and doing mitzvot for the protection of Israel, including asking men to be sure to put on tefillin each morning, as the Rebbe had asked in 1967 so that Hashem would grant victory to Israel in the Six Day War. We Jews are so outnumbered and have so many enemies; we need to accept our differences, but emphasize what we have in common.

Brian M. Parker
Littlestown, Pa.

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