A Welcome Tribute

Thank you for recognizing the passing of a great explorer and innovative leader of the modern Jewish world — Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (“Crossing Boundaries,” July 11). In the early 1980s I attended a Shabbaton he conducted at the Sufi Center in Boston. I had read a book or two he had written and felt moved to meet him.

Within moments he bridged my fascination with Eastern spirituality to the intrinsic and deep spirituality of Judaism. Through that bridge
he set forth a path for many Jewish seekers to re-examine and experience Judaism for spiritual nourishment.

This was his greatest gift for me, and he kept evolving and kept exploring and creating, and mostly he kept giving of his depth of knowledge,
wisdom and wonder.

The Jewish Renewal movement may be small, yet its ripples have made their way into more traditional Judaism and other faiths.

While some sneer or smirk at Reb Zalman’s unique ways and his legacy, I know the Jewish world is far, far better for his time with us.

Harvey W. Cohen
Owings Mills

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