Stand Up, Be Counted

Dear Jewish communities and Israelis overseas: This is not a time for complacency. We cannot afford it.

At 9 a.m. on July 15 the Israeli Cabinet ratified a cease-fire and stopped the bombardment of Gaza. Hamas waited 10 minutes, then fired more missiles, covering almost all of Israel. On the news, we see waves and waves of anti-Israel-ism. Let me tell you all something: Silence is not golden.

Not long after there was a demonstration at Zion Square in Jerusalem of the extreme right wing with the intention of marching on the Arab Quarter of the Old City to show them ‘who’s boss.’ A group of peace-loving left-wing Israelis stood in front of them with banners and songs facing the insults and curses hurled at them. My daughter was there, and together, with other likeminded men and women and the police, succeeded in avoiding a potentially violent and explosive confrontation.

Silence is not an option — not for us. Those who promote anti-Semitism are very clever. Their multileveled strategic agenda over the last 15 years is now paying off with dividends. They are winning on every level. International public opinion is being manipulated. They are the vociferous majority, and the world is feeling a vice-like grip tightening by sheer numbers.

You cannot allow yourselves to be turned into the silent minority. Speak out: Let your voices be heard.

The terrorists’ unscrupulous tactics are working because you are not coming. The empty hotels, beaches and restaurants are a testament to their master plan.

We cannot hear you!

Stand up and be counted. Time has run out. Raise your voices to avoid disaster.

Howard Burns
Haifa, Israel.

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