A Marked Difference

It’s interesting to note the difference in the way Jews and Arabs react during times of extreme passion and during extraordinary conditions. (“Collective Anguish,” July 4).

When the case is the murder of a young Arab in revenge for the murder of three young Jews, the reaction of Jews is denunciation from the right and the left, including from the families of the terror victims.

The reaction of the Arabs to the murder of the Jewish boys is praise from all quarters with a three-finger gesture. The political leaders denounce, but the Arab media fall all over themselves in praise of the murder.

Jews arrange mass prayer vigils with quiet singing everywhere, even by the fresh graves. The Arabs burn bus stops and throw stones.

The Israeli police arrest 45 Jewish demonstrators who were attempting to attack Arabs in Jerusalem. They refrain from arresting Arabs during mass attacks on Jews that were far more dangerous.

The Malcha Mall is swarmed by masses of Arab shoppers, and hundreds of Palestinians shop at Rami Levy at the Etzion Junction, barely a kilometer from where the three boys were kidnapped and only a few kilometers from where the boys were murdered. What would happen if Jews went shopping at a shopping center in Ramallah?

Vive la difference! (Or maybe not, since this would be a sign of weakness on their part.)

Meir Indor
CEO, Almagor Terror
Victims Association


  1. gs says

    It’s about time the Jews fight back. Unfortunately sometimes one has to sink to the level of his enemy. Appeasement does not work!! You can eat 10 ham and cheese sandwiches they still won’t like you! How long would the USA wait if rockets threatened our cities?!! Three seconds?!! Sorry but the only language terror knows is weapons and destruction. Israel has no choice but to destroy Hamas completely. IF there are revenge killings along the way that is part of war. War is hell.

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