Land of the Free? Not with Brown, Frosh

I read the op-eds in the JT’s “Get Out the Vote” (June 24) issue by Anthony Brown and Brian Frosh, who won Maryland’s Democratic primary for governor and attorney general, respectively. They are decent hard-working men, but in my view and the view of many Marylanders, they are leaders who have profoundly lost their way. I also understand the opprobrium my constitutional conservative views receive from the typical Democrat and Jewish citizen, but many of our citizens have forgotten, rejected or never learned our core American values.

Brown and Frosh and their colleagues in the Democratic Party have, in general, replaced American values with the values of leftism. They are statists. Their vision is the vision of big state and small citizen. They, like the rest of the Democratic Party, wish to lead us to the cultural and moral bankruptcy of Western Europe, where thousands of bureaucrats micro-manage every part of life and where private property is disrespected, wealth creation is minimal, capitalism derided and the sense of entitlement of government largess normative.

Behind a veneer of concern for the citizen, the rhetoric of hope and change, Brown and Frosh are profound advocates for the state, for the truly frightening and anti-American push for inequality of power. They even boast how they will continue to energize such inequality: “I, the politician, will take evermore amounts of your private property, your hard-earned money so I may dispense justice throughout Maryland. I will decide who and where and how much and when you get health care. I will decide how and where you can educate your kids, what type of energy you use, how businesses are created.” On and on, utopian leftism seated squarely here in Maryland. Karl Marx would be proud.

Brown talks about a new way forward for Maryland. His Marxist-based liberty-draining and property-seizing leftist value system that he and the Democratic Party hold is anything but forward. It’s a fast green-powered bullet-train ride back to the economic and social degradation of all statist systems. We need to return to the land of the free and the home of the brave and reject these toxic visions.

Howard Sachs
Chevy Chase, Md.


  1. C. Thomas Boone says

    Even though the fact that I do not support Anthony Brown for Governor (and in fact actively campaigned for a candidate whose value system is most definitely rooted in Judaism and justice and service, Doug Gansler), I object.

    Calling Brian Frosh a “statist” is ludicrous. Also, even putting his name on the same header line with Anthony Brown’s vexing. The fact is that Brown only reluctantly and, at the last moment, endorsed Brian Frosh – because as the Washington Post so aptly put it, when it came to experience, Frosh was a slam-dunk. Two terms the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee; four terms service on the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee. There simply is no parallel comparison between Frosh and Brown and anyone who studies the lives and records in detail of these two men ought to recognize that fact first and foremost. In fact, other than vague generalities (which everyone agrees on like “pollution is bad”), there’s hardly an issue that the two have ever seen eye to eye on. Brian Frosh is not running to be Lt. Governor. My opinions regarding Mr. Brown are well known – posted all over the internet – and I believe he is a huge mistake, not because of his race and not because he is a “statist”. It seems to me that we ought to be way past this 18th-19th-20th Century mindset which defined political thinking in a rather two-dimensional way measured along some theoretical continuum – or at most a three-dimensional continuum represented by a cube and 16 possible points. This whole mindset is neither practical nor based in proven reality. It is intellectual gobbledygook. So say whatever you like about Mr. Brown, but I can’t even agree with “statist”. Inexperienced. Untruthful. Manipulative. Likely to be charged with fraud – over and over again if elected. Focused only on a single geographic sector of the state. Completely un-innovative. A Follower. All of those things, yes. But “statist”? Please. Let’s get real. Brian Frosh on the other hand has demonstrated time and time again that he is even handed (not
    some screaming liberal), that his judgment is keen and sound, that he has more than 30 years experience in dealing in painstaking detail with judicial matters brought before the State legislature, that he cares about all of the people and the entire environment of the state of Maryland, that he frequently proposes resolutions which are innovative and represent thinking outside of the box in which all parties give up something but all parties also come out with a “win-win” situation (unless, of course, you are an outright lawbreaker for example someone planning to dump nuclear waste into the Chesapeake), that he has a kind of quiet, compassionate, empathetic leadership style but nevertheless puts the rule of law ahead of empathy. Brian Frosh has garnered respect of his peers especially for his intellect and legal prowess and is highly regarded by virtually everyone who knows him personally. Frankly, I am dismayed that you even compare the two – although the Democratic party did just nominate each of them. The nominations though were made quite independent of one another – as the author well knows. As an individual from an interfaith religious background, I was disappointed to see repetition of the same old rhetoric and so little authentic research into the respective candidates’ histories, lives, accomplishments, positions, and value systems.

    • Howard Sachs says

      Thank you for your respectful comments. May I say briefly. These two powerful gentlemen align themselves on almost every issue supported by the Democratic Party. To me its a party that long ago abandoned liberalism and adherence to our American Constitutional values. Its a party and people of Leftist values. Ask either of them what they think of this monstrosity of Obamacare and if they supported it. Its a massive freedom and economy destruction machine. Ask them if they support progressive income taxation which our founders would have abhorred as immoral and unAmerican. Ask them if they lose a minute of sleep each night concerned that Maryland and the US government are now commanding middle class Marylanders to work every day from January 1st to nearly June 1st and give every cent they earn to government.Ask Mr. Frosh about his passionate activity to overturn the death penalty for any murderer in Maryland. Ask him if he indeed would have someone who detonates a nuclear weapon in Baltimore and kills 300,000 people, then be punished by sitting in a Maryland prison being fed lunch, watching tv and getting daily exercise. Ask him if that is a moral American position. Ask both of them if they think people are haters if they believe children should ideally have a Mother and Father and hence marriage should remain defined as one man and one woman. Then tell me how strongly they hold traditional core American Constitutional values.

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