Presbyterians Need to Curtail Hostility

The JT’s editorial “With friends like these …” (June 27) understated the hostility toward the Jewish state by the Presbyterian Church (USA). Agenda item 04-09, “Resolution on Equal Rights for All Inhabitants of Israeland Palestine and on Conversations with Prophetic Voices,” passed 61-4 and supports the Palestinian Arab position in every single case with no acknowledgment of Israeli or Jewish claims. It even stated that Jews should stop worrying about anti-Semitism anywhere until they fix Israel.

Consider another proposed resolution (agenda item 07-01). In the committee’s words: “Though the committee voted not to approve Item 07-01, we take the matter of language, and specifically the tension around the use of the term ‘Israel’ very seriously. We hope the discussion and education about the use of language continues.” I did not know “Israel” was such a loaded term.

Despite cheerleading from insignificant camp followers such as the Jewish Voice for Peace, the Presbyterian Church has no business telling Jews what our attitude toward Israel, Zionism and our religion and history ought to be. If it wants better relations with the Jewish community, the organized Presbyterian Church should cease denigrating our history and religion and stop supporting those who attack Israel and Jews throughout the world.

Jerry Levin


  1. Jeff Polaski says

    The Presbyterian Denomination has many factions and parts. One is the Presbyterian Church in America. Another, much larger, is the Presbyterian Church (USA).
    Which particular segment of American Presbyterians are the subject of this comment? It’s a significant point.

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