More Kudos for Everyman

This is wonderful (“Have You Heard? New play at Everyman Theatre more accessible than ever,” June 20). As an accessibility consultant and occupational therapist for over 25 years, I have worked with many businesses to create greater accessibility for inclusion of people with disabilities as well as to support compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA ensures that reasonable accommodations are made for employees with disabilities (Title I) and that architectural barriers are removed and remedied for accessibility (Titles II & III). Title IV deals with telecommunications; therefore, the accommodations made for the deaf are in the spirit of Title IV and present a model for other businesses. Great job Everyman Theatre.

Shoshana Shamberg


  1. nelson marans says

    Re; With friends Like these(referring to recent Presbyterian vote(6/26/2014)
    Certainly the recent b action of the hierarchy of the Presbyterian church in supporting divestment from companies that deal with Israel can not only be considered as hostile to that nation but bordering on anti-Semitism despite any denials from the elders of that church. Too much time and effort have been expended in trying to educate the leaders of that church about the history and religious implications of the Arab-Israeli conflict. With a highly vocal group of Palestinian Arab clerics and radicalized members of the Presbyterian church, the die has been cast against Israel and Jews in general. It is time to move on and abandon any semblance of interfaith relations with these Israel bashers.

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