Always Amazing — Israel’s Innovations

062014_mishmash_techEvery time I go to Israel I’m amazed at the innovations Israel’s entrepreneurs are creating. I had the pleasure to attend the annual Israel High Tech Incubator Conference and hear Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett extol the virtues of Israel’s high-tech incubator system, one of the best global breeding grounds for high-tech innovations and startup companies.

The MIDC’s Israeli investment partner, Trendlines, scored a “hat trick” this year from the Ministry of Economy’s Office of the Chief Scientist. Trendlines Medical received the Best Incubator of the Year Award for the second time in four years, and two Trendlines portfolio companies — Advanced Mem-Tech (in Trendlines’ Agtech incubator) and MitrAssist (in Trendlines Medical) — received Best Startup of the Year. This is the third year running that Trendlines’ companies received OCS awards. Such recognition verifies the hard work and diligence of the entrepreneurs as well as Trendlines’ investment and business support methodology. In addition to these awards, two companies that are in the Maryland/Israel Trendlines Fund portfolio — Liola and MediValve — were among the 17 Best Startup nominees.

Social entrepreneurship created the modern State of Israel. High-tech entrepreneurship will ensure its future.

— Barry Bogage, executive director, Maryland/Israel Development Center

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