Orthodontist’s App Expands To Five Languages

With technology for braces improving, Orthodontist Michael Noorani thought he could leverage other available technologies to help patients.

In January 2013, he launched AlignerMeter, an app that has patients take photos of their teeth which can help orthodontists determine if they are good candidates for invisible aligners.

On Thursday, June 12, the app expanded to include five languages. While it had previously included English, Chinese and Italian, the new version of the app includes Portuguese and Spanish.

“I noticed that there’s a vast majority of adults, they have crooked teeth or they’re not happy about their teeth,” he said. “They don’t want to get braces so they don’t feel like there’s a lot of options out there.”

The app has users take three photos of their teeth — one of the front and one of each side — which Noorani can look at and decide if they’re good candidates for invisible aligners such as Invisalign.

Noorani, a partner in Cramer and Noorani Orthodontics, which has offices in Glen Burnie, White Marsh and Bel Air, networked with international orthodontists on LinkedIn, who helped him with the other languages on the app.

The app gets about 50 downloads a week, and Noorani himself has seen 12 new patients. Six of them have started using invisible aligners, and he’s working with the other six on their cases.

While the app isn’t producing any revenue for Noorani, he hopes it will in the future. Patients using the app can search for an orthodontist in their area, and he’s hoping as the app spreads, doctors will pay fees to be listed higher up in those lists.

“We’re having kind of an exciting time to see how it works out,” Noorani said. “It’s been very interesting. It’s like a little hobby.”


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