Great Memories

I saw the very good article about the Tulkoff family (“It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Sting,” June 6). Marty Tulkoff, of the famous horseradish business, and I were friends in the 1950s. I even met my wife though Marty, and I took a photo of our guys’ group back then. A new book came out this year, “Around Mount Washington,” and on page 117 is my picture with Marty in the front row. My dad fixed all of Marty’s mom and dad’s appliances.

Gerald A. Yamin


  1. Ruth Bohls says

    Thank you for your sharing your story about the Tulkoff Family! We would love to see the picture!


    Ruth Bohls
    Director of Marketing
    Tulkoff Food Products, Inc.

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