A ‘Kosher’ Trip?

I am bemused and confused. I read in the Jewish Times that The Associated sent counselors of Camps Louise and Airy to Israel prior to this summer’s sessions to ensure that they would experience a bit of life in the Jewish state and then would be better able to expose their campers to some knowledge of, and feeling for, the Jewish state (“Jewish Camp Counselors Take Birthright Trip”).

These two camps have been under the auspices of The Associated since their inception many, many years ago. They do not now, and never have, provided their campers with kosher meals. This automatically locked all Orthodox children out of the camps sponsored and supported with Jewish money, and it certainly prevented thousands of Jewish children from learning about kashruth. Knowledge of kashruth is certainly as significant an aspect of Judaism as the Jewish homeland.

Sonia Looban Greenspon


  1. Frania Kryszpel Block says

    Camp Louise has been around since I was a young girl. But I never went there because it was not kosher. I never knew it was sponsored by the Associated .That is quite interesting.

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