Making Maryland Safer Is Top Priority

062014_oped_froshAs a Maryland state legislator, I have been deeply dedicated to supporting and advancing the causes of Maryland’s Jewish community. I have been the lead sponsor of millions of dollars of bond bills that fund and support communal institutions of the Jewish community, including support for career services, educational and professional programs, in-home services, nursing care, volunteer assistance and social services. I support these programs because I know our Jewish community well.

I grew up in Bethesda, graduated from Walter Johnson High School and raised my family in Montgomery County. For more than a decade, I have served on the board of the JCC and currently serve on the board of the Hebrew Home. I have partnered with the Jewish Community Relations Councils, Washington Federation and The Associated over decades in Annapolis. My wife and I belong to Adat Shalom Congregation, and our daughters and I celebrated our b’nai mitzvah at Temple Sinai.

I believe I am the most qualified and experienced candidate to serve as Maryland’s chief legal officer, representing the state and the people of Maryland and enforcing the law to improve people’s lives. I offer the experience of someone who’s been actively involved for the past 35 years as one of the nation’s top-ranked attorneys and for the past 28 years as a Maryland legislator. Most importantly, I have the skills and judgment the job requires.

As a child, I watched my father stand up to Joe McCarthy and fight against discrimination. This image has ignited my lifelong passion for justice rooted in values of tikkun olam. I have spent every day of my legal and legislative career fighting for those values.

Throughout my career, I have been a leader in the fight to make Maryland safer for families. I have led the fight to pass landmark legislation on gun safety and to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, I have increased protections for victims of domestic violence and I have championed laws to prevent and prosecute child abuse and protect children from sexual abuse, authoring legislation to expand supervision of sex predators.

I will enforce Maryland’s gun-safety laws, which I wrote and championed through the Maryland General Assembly. I will protect Marylanders and get guns off of our streets, and that is why local police, sheriffs, state’s attorneys and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence have endorsed me. I also know that law enforcement is only part of the equation — that it’s far better to prevent a crime than to prosecute one. I’ve worked to help keep kids in school and out of gangs. And as attorney general, I’ll continue to look for ways we make law enforcement a partner in crime prevention, before crimes have been committed.

I will see to it that every Maryland child and teacher feels safe in the classroom and online, and that is why Maryland teachers have endorsed me.

As your attorney general, I will crack down on scam artists who put hard-working businesses and families at risk of losing their financial security despite following all the rules. I will protect Maryland consumers from fraud, identity theft and scams and ensure that seniors and our most vulnerable citizens are also protected from financial and physical abuse.

I will continue to enforce laws to protect Maryland’s air and water quality and safeguard our precious natural resources; this is why the Maryland League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club-Maryland Chapter have endorsed me.

As your attorney general, I will show up every day — as I always have done — to put the law on the side of the people of Maryland and to use the force of the law to help all Maryland families. I pledge to be the people’s lawyer and to keep all Marylanders safe.

Gov. Martin O’Malley and the two individuals who know exactly what the job of attorney general entails — former attorneys general Steve Sachs and Joe Curran — have endorsed me because they know that I have played a leading role in making Maryland safer, more secure and more just. They know I have demonstrated the ability to bring people together to solve tough problems and that I will continue to be a tireless advocate for the people of Maryland.

In their June 8 endorsement editorial, The Baltimore Sun said of my record as a legislator and my candidacy for attorney general: “It would be difficult to find a more thoughtful, straightforward and honest lawmaker in Annapolis, and those are just the qualities we need in an attorney general.”

The Washington Post, a paper that has closely watched my career over the years, affirms,  “Alone in this field of candidates, Mr. Frosh has the political savvy, command of policy and stature to be a superb attorney general.”

I hope I can count on your vote. I will work hard every day as your attorney general.

The writer, chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in Annapolis, is a Democratic candidate for attorney general.

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