20 questions to help determine if a college is taking appropriate precautions to protect students

Robin Hattersley Gray, editor of Campus Safety Magazine, suggests that students and parents refer to a list of 20 questions the magazine has prepared that may help them to determine if a college is taking the appropriate precautions to protect its students. See the full article for more details at bit.ly/1pgfkqL.

1. Does the college or university have appropriate sexual violence prevention programs?

2. Do the school’s crime/Clery Center for Security on Campus incident numbers make sense when taking into consideration the campus location and student population size?

3. Does the college have an on-campus counseling center that is fully staffed and well-funded?

4. Does the campus have a multidisciplinary threat assessment team that can respond quickly to individuals exhibiting concerning behavior?

5. Is a background check conducted on every staff member, faculty member and administrator?

6. Does the college have a designated Clery compliance officer?

7. Does the college have a designated Title IX coordinator?

8. Is the campus’ police or security department adequately staffed?

9. Is the campus public safety force adequately funded?

10. Does the campus police department incorporate best practices, and is it accredited by a reputable accreditation organization?

11. Do campus police and security personnel receive regular and frequent training [on sexual violence and assaults]?

12. Do non-security personnel and administrators on campus receive regular and frequent training on [sexual violence and assaults]?

13. Does the university allow anonymous reporting by campus public safety officers, staff and faculty or provide some other way to protect whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting security and/or safety concerns?

14. Does the campus avoid using zero-tolerance policies?

15. Does the college’s police chief or top security executive report to an administrator high up on the campus food chain, such as the university president or CEO?

16. Has the institution conducted a threat and vulnerability assessment of the campus to determine what risks are present?

17. Does the university have an emergency plan and a comprehensive emergency management program that is all-hazards based?

18. Does the school have robust emergency communications systems?

19. Does the college incorporate security technology?

20. Does the university incorporate security and safety into building design and campus landscaping?

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