Greenberg Gift Funds Hopkins Bladder Cancer Center

On the heels of National Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center announced a plan to create the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute.

The Institute will be built in part with funds donated by Erwin Greenberg and Stephanie Cooper Greenberg. The gift from the Greenberg family is part of a $45 million co-investment with Johns Hopkins University.

Stephanie Greenberg hopes that the donation will be “a game-changer” in an underserved and under-recognized area of cancer treatment.

The family worked with Hopkins for more than a year to develop a plan for a dedicated bladder cancer clinic, for which the family’s gift would provide seed funding. For now, the clinic will be housed on the Hopkins campus while work is done to build the Institute a permanent home.

The dedicated clinic will provide more research dollars for doctors and scientists developing ways to treat bladder cancer and better access to care, therapies and screening for those diagnosed with the illness, said Greenberg.

About 55,000 men and 18,000 women will be diagnosed with bladder cancer each year in the United States, estimates the National Cancer Institute. Once diagnosed, most patients undergo surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, intravesical therapy or a combination of therapies.

“It’s always a good thing that can spare many lives and also do a lot of good, that’s what we’d like to have happen,” said Greenberg. “We feel good about it. We think it’s going in the right direction.”

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