Make It Memorable

Poor Dad! For Mother’s Day almost 114 million greeting cards are purchased annually; for Dad’s big day, 90 million. And while many restaurants are bombarded for reservations on Mother’s Day, the same ones often are less than full on Dad’s special day. The most hallowed tradition on Father’s Day is for everyone to gather around the grill while Dad cooks!

Getting fathers to recall their past can be a gift for them and for the rest of the family. There are many commercial “memory” books that encourage Dad or Zayde to write down his blasts from his past. You can buy one such as “Dad, Tell Me a Story: How to Revive the Tradition of Storytelling with Your Children” (a great gift for dads with children of all ages). Or you can make your own. Get paper and a loose-leaf binder. Have kids and grandkids write a question at the top of a page such as, “What was your favorite game when you were 10?” “Who was your favorite teacher?” And since Dad still remains king of the grill, here are some side dishes that will please him and all guests. Make Father’s Day a celebration he deserves.


Tips & Tricks

  • Crumple up and soap a piece of aluminum foil (even slightly used, but clean) into a ball to clean the grill or tough surfaces on pots/casseroles. (better than steel wool).
  • If you’re short on refrigerator space, fill your bathtub, laundry sink or top-load washing machine with ice and chill bottles until you need them.
  • Knot the corners of a cloth when eating outdoors to prevent flapping. Slip a tiny bouquet of herbs or dried flowers in each knot for decoration.

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