Pope’s Silence Was Deafening

Your May 29 editorial, “Pope in the Holy Land,” noted that the recent visit by Pope Francis to the Middle East was “a very delicate trip.” Certainly, it was no simple task for the pope to interact with audiences who have such different and competing perspectives. Still, with all due respect to the pontiff, it was disappointing that he did not find time to say a word or two about the mistreatment of Christian Arabs by the Palestinian Authority regime.

His visit to PA-controlled Bethlehem, for example, presented an ideal opportunity to say something about the Muslim actions that have reduced the city’s Christians to a small minority. Likewise, the international community needs to hear the strong voice of Pope Francis speak out about the abuse of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the persecution of Sudanese Christians by that country’s Arab Muslim regime and the mistreatment of Christians elsewhere in the Muslim world.

It’s sad that the pope was silent on this subject during his recent trip to the Middle East. One can only hope that he will soon find the right time to speak out, loudly and clearly, as only he can.

Moshe Phillips
Benyamin Korn
Members of the Board,
Religious Zionists of America
New York City

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