Growing a Community of Philanthropists

Empowerment! That’s what Jewish philanthropy is all about.

Many years ago, when I was asked to become the campaign chairperson for the Jewish Federation of Howard County, the first thing I did was talk it over with my husband, Harry. We decided it was our time, and he became my tireless partner in this critical work. The most important message we brought to the community was that if we did our job, we would grow a community of philanthropists. The Federation would be a catalyst for ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish future in Howard County.

Elliot Shefrin’s June 6 article, “My Federation Journey,” is a clear example of the power of one person. He joined the Knesset Club, a $100-a-month giving group, that Harry Adler founded, and he felt the impact of his personal investment immediately. The Knesset Club has made a significant difference for our community — and it is our hope that if you are reading this and you live in Howard County that you will make today the day that you decide to join us. If you do, you too will be empowered, and your support will work to keep the future safe and secure for your children and their children.

Deborah Adler
Past Executive Director of JFHC
AIPAC Area Director for
Greater Washington
Clarksville, Md.

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