‘Muslim Bashing’ Is Absolute Insanity

The May 30 editorial deploring “Ugly Muslim Bashing” was splendid. But it did not take matters far enough. It is not simply offensive “to condemn all Muslims because of the hateful views of some” of them.

One of every five individuals on Planet Earth is a Muslim. To go out of one’s way to pick a fight with 20 percent of the world’s population is nothing short of absolute insanity. Accordingly,  those who do — Pamela Geller, Charles Jacobs (Americans for — anything but — Peace and  Tolerance) and The Washington Post’s  Jennifer Rubin, among others — should undergo a psychiatric examination before their vitriol provokes the next Anders Breivik or Baruch Goldstein to trigger a holy war.

Sam Betancourt
York, Pa.

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