Shall We Dance?



Marsha & Larry Silverman
First Date: April 6, 1963
Wedding Date: June 19, 1966
Venue: Rogers Avenue Synagogue
Residence: Owings Mills
Favorite Activities: Spending time with grandchildren

In early April, 1963, Larry Silverman was in an alley playing baseball when his mom summoned him to answer a phone call.

On the other end was Marsha Segal, whom his next-door neighbor had encouraged him to call. Larry wasn’t one for blind dates, stating it wasn’t his “style.” But after Marsha explained her junior prom date for the next evening had taken ill, Larry couldn’t refuse.

He got her address and the specifics for the evening and returned to his game.

Wanting to meet Marsha in advance, Larry went to the Segal home early the next day. Marsha was at the hairdresser, so instead he chatted with Bernice and Harry Segal.

A few hours later, Larry returned to meet Marsha, who was two years younger. He was happy to find the cute girl with the beautiful smile and big, dark eyes waiting for him.

Marsha was also impressed with the mild-mannered, easy-going gentleman.

The prom was a hit, and they joined other couples in Little Italy for dinner afterward.

“We felt easy with each other, we never felt like we didn’t know each other,” said Larry, 70.

Larry kissed Marsha’s cheek and departed. Both were pleased.

However, Larry didn’t call for six weeks.

Marsha was surprised at the delay, thinking Larry didn’t like her. But he admitted he didn’t move quickly.

They went out again to Marsha’s sorority dance and after another pleasant evening decided to date. By December, they exchanged high school rings and agreed to go steady.

In August 1965, while watching television at the Silverman home in Northwest Baltimore, Larry dropped to his knee and presented Marsha with an engagement ring.



On June 19, 1966 at the Rogers Avenue Synagogue, Rabbi Jacob S. Green pronounced them husband and wife with 280 guests bearing witness.

“When I saw her in her gown, walking down the aisle, it blew me away,” recalled Larry. “I teared up.”

Cantor Alvin Donald sang their song, “More,” and they shared their first dance as husband and wife with their friends and family members.

After living in a duplex for nearly three years, they bought a home on Carthage Road in Randallstown in June 1969. By then, Janice had joined them, and in March 1976, Robyn was born.

Marsha worked as a secretary before she retired two years ago. Larry worked as an accountant for the IRS for 33 years. He retired in 1999, and they moved to their current residence, a spacious condominium in Owings Mills.

Today, they bask in the glory of being “Bubbie and Pop” to Alex, Andrew, Josh, Nicole and Hailey, all of whom live in Ellicott City. They also enjoy Tuesday movie dates, the theater, traveling, Maryland basketball games, Navy football games and, of course, their grandchildren’s activities.

They agree it is mindboggling to reflect on 48 years of marriage and 51 years together.

Their rituals include goodnight kisses, proclamations of love and always sending cards with the same message, “One beautiful day, you came my way, and I’ve loved you ever since.”

Linda L. Esterson is an Owings Mills-based freelance writer. For “Beshert,” call 410-902-2305 or email

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