NCJW, HadassahCooperation is Applauded

In the May 9 issue of the JT, Shari Eshet, director of NCJW’s Israel Office, reported the graduation of 13 Haredi women from a program that trains them as early childhood counselors (“Today’s Philanthropy Is More and More about Partnerships”). This project “originated at the NCJW’s Research Institute for Innovation in Education at Hebrew University and is supported by the Hadassah Foundation.”

What a breath of fresh air this is compared to the relationship between NCJW and Hadassah as far back as 1925. The groups’ executives met “to discuss NCJW’s participation in work in Palestine in conjunction with Hadassah.” As the sources inform us, “the NCJW president made it clear ‘that … Hadassah’s work has no place in the program of NCJW.’”

Indeed, cooperation between organizations is vital. We live in an environment in which funds are tight, fewer people are willing to give of their time, yet the opportunities for creativity in helping our people worldwide are greater than ever.

May we always look for these chances and do our best to see that they come to pass.

Rabbi Peter H. Grumbacher
Assistant to the President
Wilmington, Del., Chapter of Hadassah 

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