Full-Page Ad Hits the Mark

I want to comment and thank the members of the Conservative synagogues for the excellent full-page ad that they placed in the JT on May 23. The ad listed Conservative synagogues that opposed the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations’ vote that would have allowed J Street into their organization. Their opposition and reasons were well taken.

It appears the J Street movement is misled and spoon-fed by modern-day radical Muslim, Nazi, anti-Israel, Arab propaganda. J Street should learn historic facts and truths first, and then its members would be more proud when they see the courage the Israelis have in withstanding injustice and hatred from those who really do not want to co-exist in peace — be they from Iran or Pakistan or from Hamas and Abbas.

I feel sorry for the good Arab people who live in Israel and who have nice homes, businesses, educational opportunities and just want a chance for their children to grow up in a safe and democratic environment.  Unfortunately, it’s their leaders who try to exploit many of them and have made it hard for them to speak out in order to defend their rights in a peaceful forum.

Barbara Bloom
Owings Mills

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