A really ‘smart’ collaboration

052314_mishmash-technologyThanks to the work of the Maryland/Israel Development Center (MIDC), a Maryland company and an Israeli company are partnering to develop a smart grid system that will ensure a reliable and secure firewall for high-security connectivity assets.

Patriot Technologies, Inc., in Frederick Maryland, and RADiFlow Ltd. of Tel Aviv have received a $500,000 grant from the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation. BIRD promotes collaboration between Israeli and American companies in various technological fields for the purpose of joint product development and provides conditional grants of up to $1 million to strategic partnerships.

It is the work of MIDC to demonstrate how Maryland and Israel are complementary partners, both strong in life sciences, information technology, homeland security and other high-tech industries. MIDC can help identify innovators and entrepreneurs with complementary ideas and inventions to enhance existing product lines and locate sources for research and development funding.

For more information about building strategic business alliances between Maryland and Israel, contact Peter Telem, director of business development at ptelem@marylandisrael.org.

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