Memo to JT: J Street Unworthy

Shame on the JT for questioning the integrity of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and its democratic voting process (“Referendum on the Presidents’ Conference,” May 9).

The Conference of Presidents has sent a clear message by refusing to accept J Street as a member. The message: J Street is unworthy of being considered part of the pro-Israel Jewish community. Instead of accepting that message, the JT prefers to attack the messenger, the highly respected Presidents’ Conference.

JT’s position is all the more reprehensible because it sows confusion and dissension within the American Jewish community at a time when unity is most needed to support Israel against its many detractors.

It goes without saying that J Street is an anti-Israel, anti-Zionist organization, its protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. Every one of its major policy positions and activities has been designed to defame Israel’s democratically elected government and denounce Israel’s ethically, morally and legally sound policies.

The JT makes the risible claim that J Street’s views “have a significant following in the Jewish community.” The real question is what impact those views and activities are having on the community and on the U.S.-Israel relationship. A case in point: J Street’s campus arm, J Street U, corrupts gullible, uninformed college students with lies, half-truths and anti-Zionist propaganda, for instance, by bringing speakers onto campuses who promote BDS [the campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel].

As a wolf in sheep’s clothing, J Street would do even more harm to the unity of the Jewish community if it ever were given the chance to enter the Conference of Presidents’ big tent.

Marc Caroff
President, Louis D. Brandeis Chapter
Zionist Organization of America
Silver Spring


  1. shimon says

    from the Washington Jewish Week.
    Marc Mayerson wrote:
    The statement by Hon. Mr. Caroff, on behalf of ZOA, trashing J Street and J Street U is distorted and rage-ridden and, with respect, entirely ignorant. He wrote “[i]n reality, J Street’s campus arm, J Street U, corrupts gullible, uniformed college students with lies, half-truths, and anti-Zionist propaganda.” Let me offer the profile of a kid very active in J Street U, my son, Asher, who is a junior at Dartmouth College. Asher attended JDS for 13 years, in high school was active in USY, is fluent in Hebrew, davens perfectly, leyns Torah fluidly (with only 20 minutes advance notice), was VP-Religion for his campus Hillel, and then was twice-elected President of Hillel, keeps Kosher (vegetarian), has been to Israel half-a-dozen times, and has family with whom he is close in Israel. He and I plan to go to Israel (again) this summer. While one does not want to kvell unduly about the nachas one’s children provide, my son is exactly the kind of committed Jew and Zionist on which the future of any non-Orthodox-only American Jewish Community — and strong state of Israel as the Jewish homeland — depends. Maybe Judge Caroff should have facts before him and weigh the evidence before pronouncing sentence.

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