What To Do With a Jewish Racist?

If only Donald Sterling were as rare a phenomenon in the Jewish community as we would like to think. He merely spoke aloud (albeit in private, or so he thought) what many of us in the Baltimore community think and believe.

Since our move here from California 18 years ago, I have never ceased to be shocked and disheartened by the overt and covert racism here, some public and some not so much, but nevertheless alive and well.

We, of all people, should shun racism in any form with horror and not blithely absorb the rampant racism in the greater culture. Let us learn to see individuals for what they are and not stereotype and dismiss them based on skin color or culture.

We as a people would be much greater without racism. It’s easy to finger point (that’s why it’s such a popular pastime). It’s so much harder to look honestly at ourselves and improve.

Betty Cherniak

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