Jacobs Needs a History Lesson

[Americans for Peace and Tolerance president] Dr. Charles Jacobs (“Not So Fast,” May 9) peevishly accuses J Street of breaking  a long-standing agreement that Americans “who do not live there [in Israel] or have … children on the front lines do not have the right to use … American power to circumvent Israeli democracy and to try to lobby to get an American administration to impose our views and policies on the Israelis.”


That would be jaw-dropping news to Mort Klein and the Zionist Organization of America, who did exactly that when a Labor government was in power in Israel.

For example: Klein, dubbed “the ambassador from Likud” by the Jewish media, actively schemed with hawkish GOP elements in Congress to undermine the peace-oriented policies of the Rabin/Peres administration, conducted in association with then-President Bill Clinton.

Jacobs needs to brush up on his American Jewish history. Or is it that, given his own political bent, such behavior is acceptable when engaged in by the right, but not the left?

Saul Edelman

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