Weinberg Foundation Announces $8 Million Grant

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in the United States, has announced an $8 million grant for the extension of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s existing Weinberg Outpatient Center.

Ellen M. Heller, Weinberg Foundation chair, noted that the Weinberg Foundation awarded this grant because Kennedy Krieger has trained and continues to train hundreds of doctors, therapists and psychologists, who then fan out across the world to help low-income and vulnerable children with disabilities.

In fact, Kennedy Krieger-trained physicians are at the Shriner’s Hospital in Honolulu, one of the Weinberg Foundation’s hometown communities that include Baltimore, Northeastern Pennsylvania and Israel.

The new building will serve children with neurodevelopmental disorders and house group therapy rooms, exam and treatment rooms and a controlled multisensory environment for children with autism or other developmental disabilities. Space equipped for telemedicine will also be a part of the building extension as will office space for Kennedy Krieger’s growing staff representing more than 20 clinical specialties.

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