A History Lesson

Nelson Marans needs to reboot his Cold War mentality or learn history (Your Say, April 25). While Russian soldiers died in Stalingrad, Ukrainian SS assisted the Nazis. The Trawniki assisted the SS by pushing Jews through the schlauch [a long corridor with barbed-wire fences that led to the gas chambers] in Treblinka and in Buchenwald. Ukrainian inmates attacked Jews. The Svoboda Party [a Ukrainian nationalist party] is an anti-Semitic group, and Ukrainian heroes Chmielnicki and Bandera slaughtered Jews. Marans should read World War II history.

Siegfried Buchwalter


  1. Mimy says

    I am in the USA and have 3 laying hens. 1 each of a Cinnamon Queen, Rhode Island Red cross (she has blue legs) and one I am not sure of. She looks like the RIR but has beiafutul silver tips on the feathers from her mid back to her tail. Question: With only 3, I have been able to identify which egg is whose. Something I am seeing is that the hens are laying different size eggs. Sometimes the CQ lays large eggs and other times they are JUMBO, will barely fit in the carton. The RIR cross pretty much lays medium reddish/brown eggs. The other RIR’s eggs vary from medium to large. Is this common for the size of the eggs from one hen to vary?Thanks very much!

  2. Michael says

    Mr. Marans complains that his views have been misrepresented. Oh, the irony!
    He is a long-time shteken ( a Yiddish word: look it up) of Mort Klein and the ZOA.
    And misrepresentation and distortion of other people’s views (see Marc Caroff letters in the JT) is a standard Klein/ZOA tactic.

  3. nelson marans says

    I read the letter by Siegfried Buchwalter(5/8/2014) attacking me for whitewashing the Ukrainian atrocities against Jews during World War II and damning the Russian troops(April 25, 2014). I have no record of any such letter and my letter to the Washington Jewish Week stressed the part that Ukrainian Nazis played in the Holocaust. Is he confused?

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