Shabbat Schnoodle

050214_mishmash_bookBy Isabelle Foreman
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 34 pages

As the uncle of two, a boy who will soon be 4 and a girl who will soon be 7, I read this book with great interest to see if I could pass it on to them.

With a concept all ages can grasp, vivid illustrations and an adorable yarmulke-wearing dog, my niece and nephew would get a kick out of this book.

“Shabbat Schnoodle” takes the reader through Shabbat, from walking to shul on Friday night to Havdalah on Saturday. Any dog lover will get a chuckle out of the schnoodle with a big piece of challah in his mouth.

For those with children, the book is great for family reading, and it could be a great opportunity for older siblings to read to their younger siblings.

Not only are there some challenging words for a new reader, there are also enthralling illustrations and basic explanations of Shabbat rituals. This is a good, short read for any Jewish family with young children.

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