Adelson Not the Problem

While there may be legislation passed to reduce the influence of individual givers to political campaigns, the use of intermediates, both individuals and organizations, will circumvent these restrictions (“A spectacle for King Sheldon,” April 4).

But I am more comfortable with the contributions of Sheldon Adelson, who is devoted to supporting candidates concerned about the security of the State of Israel, than those of George Soros, who has attempted to delegitimize the Jewish state. His contributions to such groups as J Street, Americans for Peace Now and the New Israel Fund have only one purpose.

Nelson Marans
Silver Spring


  1. Magen Avraham says

    What Marans defines as the “security of the State of Israel” is what Mr. Friedmann has gloriously spelled out as “the hawkish territorialism and revanchist one-state, pro-settler agenda of Marc Caroff and the Zionist Organization of America.”
    J Street, APN and NIF no more delegitimate the State of Israel than the ZOA legitimates anti-Arab racism and apartheid.

  2. Michael says

    Soros earned his money in the financial sector, which is halachically kosher. Adelson’s money comes from gambling, which is halachically dubious. Plus, his most lucrative casino is in Macao, which means he played footsies with Chicoms to get it up and going, and so is obligated to remain in their good graces. Adelson views America simply as a cash cow, and believes that the Israeli tail should always wag the American dog. That means, he has more affinity with Jonathan Pollard than with Haym Solomon. Lastly, the prolific Marans is renown as a long-time lackey of Mort Klein and the ZOA.

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