My Dear Friend, Len

After reading the beautiful words of Barbara Bloom in the JT about her late husband, Leonard Bloom, I had to add a tribute to my friend. Len and I had been friends for more than 70 years. We grew up in the same neighborhood at North Avenue and Payson Street and began a friendship that lasted until his passing (Nov. 23, 2013).

Len was a brilliant scholar, who had a wonderful character. He graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute first in his class and earned a four-year scholarship to the Johns Hopkins School of Engineering, where he pursued electrical engineering. At graduation he was just a few points shy of being first in his class. He served in the Army during World War II as a lieutenant. He then worked for Black and Decker in the patent office. He attended law school at night at the University of Baltimore, and shortly after passing the bar, he became the chief patent attorney at Black and Decker. Years later, he started his own successful patent law firm.

Regardless of his success and intelligence, he was a humble person and treated everyone fairly. He always had a sense of humor, always had a joke to make you laugh. After all these many years of friendship, I miss my friend. My best wishes to his lovely wife, Barbara, and her family.

Harold Surosky
Owings Mills

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