Fox News Reports the Truth

Saul Edelman’s snide comment about Fox News in his April 4 letter (“Fantasy vs. Reality”) cannot go without challenge. I am a retired media executive, highly qualified to comment.

Maybe the Jewish Times is not the best forum for the following remarks, but the JT opened the door by not editing out Edelman’s outrageous statement (“Ideology is not facts, except, perhaps, on Fox News”), which had nothing to do with the point of his letter.

Fox News is No. 1 rated. Period. Not No. 1 just with Republicans or conservatives, but with all. It is No. 1 because it tells the truth. Even though thousands of viewers like Edelman may disagree with Fox’s editorial stance, they know they are getting the complete story, both from Fox’s opinion shows and in its news reports.

MSNBC and CNN are battling for the bottom of the ratings. “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox is the top-rated cable show in the world, [and] Fox employs James Carville, Bob Beckel, and Juan Williams, hardly voices of conservatism. Left-leaning guests are the norm on Fox.

Anyone who depends on liberal media for news does not have a clue to what is actually going on. Edelman and his ilk should learn that the truth will set you free. It may tick you off, but it will set you free.

Robert Z. Goldberg


  1. Luke says

    Was this letter intended as a belated and misplaced Purim parody? I would hope so.
    If not….
    FOX programming conveys truth if you are speaking Russian: the Russian word for ‘truth’ is Pravda. Lest we forget, FOX was the ‘birther” network of record : a Media Matters review in April 2011 found that in the vast majority of cases of the network’s coverage of that issue, either birther conspiracies were espoused or false claims about Obama’s birth were neither challenged or corrected. A late December, 2010, episode of “Fox and Friends” actually christened Elie Wiesel a “Holocaust winner, “ presumably a comment on the fact that the Nobel Prize recipient has enjoyed enormous financial and literary success by virtue of serving as the face of the Holocaust. (When they caught flack for this, it was retracted. )
    In a April 2012 speech delivered at the University of North Carolina Fox News Channel Presdent Roger Ailes gleefully boasted, “In 15 years, we have never taken a story down because we got it wrong.”
    Not truth, but ‘truthiness’ is a more accurate characterization of the FOX mission statement.
    Finally, the author of this defense of FOX describes himself as a “media executive,” implying that he has news or other journalistic credentials. In point of fact, as the Berman posting noted, he was the VP of sales at Annapolis’ WANN. A newsman is to a salesman as Walter Cronkite is to Ron Popeil.

  2. Liz Berman says

    CORRECTION: Frank Bonner was the actor who played Herb Tarlek.
    Therefore, the penultimate sentence should be corrected to read….
    “Who knows more about truth in journalism than the Herb Tarlek of local redneck radio?”

  3. Liz Berman says

    Was this aupposed to be a joke?
    Boomers: recall the Herb Tarlek character from the hit TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. Tarlek was the slimy sales manager.

    Google Mr. Goldnerg. He was the VP for sales at Annapolis’ WANN-AM, a country music station.

    Who knows more about truth in journalism than the Frank Bonner of local redneck radio?

    Give me a break!

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