Pesach With Flair

Passover is truly my favorite holiday.

Every year I like to add a unique dish to my table, making tradition relevant to the young people at the Seder. Two of my granddaughters, Jahna and Hannah, take French at school — and both enjoy eating crepes. So I decided to find the very best crepe recipe to include for Passover.

It turned into quite a challenge. (You could even say it made me meshuges.) My kitchen turned into a Passover crepe test kitchen, as I experimented with dozens of recipes to get the perfect Pesach crepe. Below is my final recipe.

For savory courses, I plan to stuff the crepes with leftover brisket, cholent or chicken. For those crepes, I changed the salt ingredient to onion salt for a more savory flavor. They can be dressed with gravy for a great leftover meal. For dessert, I will make some stuffed and frozen in advance with ice cream to serve with a drizzled warm chocolate sauce surrounded by little chocolate frogs. Frog molds can be found at

My newest favorite cookbook is “A Taste of Pesach,” a project of Yeshiva Me’on Hatorah in New York. Every recipe has a lovely color photo, and many are very creative, such as balsamic French roast and Hungarian brownies.

There are many new apps to help out with Passover planning this year. The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide is my favorite. It can be downloaded free to any Apple or Android device by searching for Manischewitz in the app stores. To everyone, have an “appy” Pesach!

Ilene’s Passover Crepes

Balsamic French Roast

Broccolini With Lemon Mustard Dressing

Hungarian Brownies

Tips & Tricks
• Don’t forget to use leftover, drained charoses to marble through mondel bread dough.
• You can use fresh asparagus or broccoli instead of broccolini, but broccolini will look and taste unique.
• Use the freshest farm-raised eggs for Passover. The yolks are vibrant, and the whites are richer — so good for beating up whites. It’s worth the trip to Faithful Friends Egg Farm (410-374-3432): $4 a dozen, with assorted colors from special chickens and an extra one for your Seder plate!

Ilene Spector is a local freelance writer.

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