Our Commitment to Israel

The JT has covered the American Studies Association (ASA) academic boycott of Israel and the local response. We agree that it’s important that JT readers be kept fully informed on this issue.

That’s why we are pleased to report that the Maryland General Assembly took action to address this. We voted for the budget that just passed today [April 5], and the text in this area speaks for itself. Here’s an excerpt:

“The General Assembly declares that it is the policy of the State to(1) reaffirm our Declaration of Cooperation with State of Israel that has resulted in the successful exchange of commerce, culture, technology, tourism, trade, economic development, scholarly inquiry, and academic cooperation; (2) oppose Maryland public institutions’ support of the … movement Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions; (3) condemn the American Studies Association’s boycott against institutions of higher education in Israel.”

We will continue to work with our community and its organizations to support Israel, to restate that support whenever and wherever possible and to oppose any attempts to weaken the relationship between Maryland and Israel.

Delegate Dan Morhaim (D-District 11)
Delegate Dana Stein (D-District 11)
Delegate Jon Cardin (D-District 11)
Delegate Adrienne Jones (D-District 10)
Sen. Bobby Zirkin (D-District 11)
Baltimore County

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