Beware of the King

Omitted in the JT’s April 4 editorial (“A Spectacle for King Sheldon”) was consideration of the true beneficiary of the unsavory competition among GOP presidential hopefuls for Sheldon Adelson’s largesse: anti-Semites.

The casino mogul is an anti-Semite’s delight, because his political campaign behavior gives the lie to the truth about “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” “The Protocols” purports to depict a plot by Jews, operating behind the scenes as puppet masters, to control the world, which, in the 2lst century, means America.

“The Protocols’” fiction becomes reality in billionaire Adelson’s all-consuming financial effort to buy the White House for the GOP for the sake of his own ultra-hard-line “Greater Israel” agenda. Where Adelson’s behavior differs from “The Protocols’” scenario is that he is out front with his involvement, not operating behind the scenes.

As such, media coverage of Adelson’s open-checkbook attempt to purchase the presidency must make the likes of Pat Buchanan, David Duke, et al, salivate.

Steve Weissman

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