Some Problematic Views

For a minute, I thought I was reading a Purim spoof issue, with Miles Hoenig’s letter claiming defense against terrorism is racism and boycotting the world’s only Jewish state shows “courage,” and where Mark Gunnery says concern with Israeli self-preservation is hypocrisy, Judaism equals social work and the only good “members of the Tribe” are those who share his agenda (Your Say, March 7).

Both men probably misinterpret the biblical saying that we Jews are to be “a light unto the nations.” Butthe Tanach makes clear that this is to be by our example to the world, not the work that Gunnery particularly seems to think is incumbent upon Jews.

I am a liberal Democrat whose beliefs do not include Jewish self-deprecation and the almost suicidal policies advocated by these two gentlemen. I suggest both Hoenig and Gunnery direct their passion toward Arabs, convincing them to make peace with Israel. Then all people in the Middle East will enjoy the benefits of tranquility, free exchange of ideas, goods, people and everything else that comes with the absence of war.

Jerry Levin


  1. Myles Hoenig says

    From the days of Ben-Gurion, the Zionists never wanted to make peace with the Arabs, unless it was at the point of the sword.

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