Fantasy vs. Reality

Ada Grodzinsky (Your Say, March 28) really should learn to read material closely and forego putting words into other people’s mouths.

This she has done twice, with regard to both Baruch Shaw and Stanleigh Cohen, imputing value claims to what was a pure and simple recitation of accurate historical fact on both Shaw’s and Cohen’s part.

For example, she characterizes “Baruch Shaw’s letter [as] suggesting that 19th-century proposals that Uganda or other places, as opposed to what was then Palestine, should be a final home of the Jewish people.”  “Should”? Shaw’s letter made no such assertion.

Further, she even proceeds to insult Shaw through gratuitous remarks such as “Jews who think otherwise should go and see for themselves.”

Ideology is not facts, except, perhaps, on Fox News. Jewish history is what it is, neither what revisionists would like it to be nor what dogmatists bellow that it should have been. And to replace the former with the latter, to confuse reality with fantasy, is nothing short of chilul HaShem, since as Rashi writes, “God’s seal is truth.”

Saul Edelman

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