Stop Ignoring Candidate!

I am complaining about the very incomplete coverage of Ralph Jaffe’s gubernatorial campaign and his ongoing movement as compared with that of his opponents, who have been able to exploit your readers and the wider public for years (“Candidates Game for Decriminalization,” Feb. 21).

Are you aware that the Jaffe movement has thousands of students? Many are JT subscribers and readers who do not understand why you are ignoring his campaign as the voting days approach.

For example, Jaffe filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Baltimore Gas and Electric to prevent customers from being ripped off by the company’s power restoration record. Any money that the court awards in the lawsuit will be distributed in full to the needy citizens of our state.

While the politicos and the Public Service Commission approve the steps in the utility’s carefully forced installation of smart meters, Jaffe openly opposed them.

As Jaffe leads a movement to end the morally bankrupt practices in our political system, his opponents continue to fit comfortably in it.

Kindly inform your readers that they can see more information about Jaffe’s movement and where he stands on major issues at fedupwithcrooked

Walter Weinstein
Owings Mills

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